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The legal relevance of being a ‘blog': a ‘pretty straightforward’ definition?

We are comfortable that there is a clear articulation of “blog” and “news”. Blogs are to do with the expression of the point of view of an individual or group of individuals. That is pretty straightforward, although, as with everything … Continue reading

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Law and Media Round Up – 22 April 2013

There’s already quite a bit of new stuff to add to this, but here’s the media law round up for last week: at Inforrm’s Blog.

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Consultation for bloggers: ‘small-scale’ publishers and media regulation

The Leveson Inquiry’s focus was on the “press”, but a new system of media regulation implemented through a Royal Charter and the Crime and Courts Bill could have a much wider remit, depending on how a “small-scale” publisher is defined. … Continue reading

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Leveson and access to justice

Will Leveson’s ‘Arbitration Service’ improve access to justice in civil legal disputes? In Volume IV of his report, Lord Justice Leveson has recommended a new arbitration service for civil legal claims as part of a new system of independent self-regulation … Continue reading

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Damian Radcliffe: Hey! Regulator! Leave those Hyperlocals alone!

Damian Radcliffe conducted the UK’s first review of hyperlocal media, published by NESTA in March 2012, which touched on some of the legal and regulatory issues for small local websites. He has now returned to regulation and law in more … Continue reading

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Barry Turner: Media criminality – a failure of law, not regulation

This guest post by Barry Turner, senior lecturer in media law at the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism at Nottingham Trent University, is a response to this post by Daniel Bennett: ‘After Leveson – a State of the News Media report … Continue reading

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Should we regulate the hyperlocal space? And what are the legal issues?

This weekend I’m very much looking forward to a day in Birmingham at the Talk About Local / N0tice 2012 “unconference”. My current research project focuses on national newspapers and media law/regulation and I’m keen to extend my view to … Continue reading

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News – Lord Hunt: Journalism is already ‘subject to the most extensive legal inhibitions, guidance and codes’

Originally posted on Inforrm's Blog:
There is no need for statutory media regulation because there are a whole range of statutory controls that presently exist, Lord Hunt of Wirral said at the launch of the new edition of McNae’s…

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Digital forensics

I recently looked into the fascinating field of digital forensics for the re-launched Insite blog (Colin Meek’s internet research skills/resources site). Specialists such as Professor Hany Farid and Professor Anthony TS Ho are honing techniques to analyse and detect digital … Continue reading

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