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Going to court

I’m currently doing a bit of reading around the openness of courts and legal data, and have really enjoyed Heather Brooke’s chapter on ‘Secret Justice’ in her second book (hat-tip: Jack of Kent for alerting me to her research on … Continue reading

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Opting 'in' and 'out': examining social network privacy settings

This was first posted on my other blog, but it is relevant to media law & ethics too. “Dear social networks, if you change privacy settings, please ask us to opt *in*, not opt *out*,” a colleague and I pleaded … Continue reading

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Basic media law tutorial

I’ve spent a lot of today trawling through some very ugly legal web pages, as part of my RSS reader spring clean. The MoJ website, with various feeds and email alerts, is actually a breath of fresh air compared to … Continue reading

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Online publishing & media law: a short questionnaire

I am collecting information about UK-based independent online publishers/writers and their interaction with English media law. I’m particularly interested in the thoughts and experiences of hyperlocal news publishers. Continue reading

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