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The legal relevance of being a ‘blog': a ‘pretty straightforward’ definition?

We are comfortable that there is a clear articulation of “blog” and “news”. Blogs are to do with the expression of the point of view of an individual or group of individuals. That is pretty straightforward, although, as with everything … Continue reading

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Damian Radcliffe: Hey! Regulator! Leave those Hyperlocals alone!

Damian Radcliffe conducted the UK’s first review of hyperlocal media, published by NESTA in March 2012, which touched on some of the legal and regulatory issues for small local websites. He has now returned to regulation and law in more … Continue reading

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Blogging, Facebooking and the law continued

As a PhD student I’m now revelling in the luxury of paid-for legal services that were previously out of bounds to the average punter. This is why legal blogging is so important – it communicates the stuff behind the paywalls … Continue reading

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Photographers debate rights with police – on a blog

Photojournalist Marc Vallée has a story about Sussex police seizing a protester’s footage at an anti-facist protest (photographs here). On his blog, Vallée reports: The film cassette was seized by police on the street under Section 19 of the Police … Continue reading

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