Consultation for bloggers: ‘small-scale’ publishers and media regulation

The Leveson Inquiry’s focus was on the “press”, but a new system of media regulation implemented through a Royal Charter and the Crime and Courts Bill could have a much wider remit, depending on how a “small-scale” publisher is defined.

Many online writers are concerned by the potential negative consequences if they don’t join the new regulator. Others may wish to be part of a new regulator, in order to access its arbitration services (see Carl Gardner here, for example) but are unsure how it will work in practice. There are numerous practical issues to be dealt with, beyond the question of expected membership (see another post by Gardner here).

The Media Reform Coalition has launched an online survey: answers can be submitted anonymously but it asks you to identify the type of publication on whose behalf you’re responding. There is also a briefing document entitled “Small publishers, online journalism and the new system of press regulation” [PDF].

via Consultation for bloggers on the new Crime and Courts Bill | Media Reform Coalition.

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