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A sensible proposal for online recording of reporting restrictions

Amid concerns over proposed changes to the Contempt of Act 1981, through the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which would introduce new statutory powers for the removal of online material*, it seems worth highlighting some separate recommendations on contempt and … Continue reading

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Law and Media Round Up – 4 March 2013

This week’s round up, at Inforrm’s Blog. Contempt, defamation, court documents, data protection and more…

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“Full” courts lists continued: what are the data protection and contempt issues? And who should be able to access them?

A quick update to my recent post on digital publication of Magistrates’ court lists. I reported how blogger Richard Taylor obtained a “full” court list from his local Magistrates’ Court following a Freedom of Information request. However, he did not … Continue reading

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Law and Media Round Up – 26 November 2012

Here’s the link to this week’s law and media round up on Inforrm’s Blog: on the McAlpine libel cases, the much-anticipated Leveson Inquiry report (due out on Thursday 29 November) and much more …

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Cross-post: Is unfamiliarity breeding contempt?

This post also appeared on the Media Standards Trust blog. In March 2011, the Daily Mail and Sun were found guilty of contempt of court for publishing online photographs of a defendant posing with a gun at the start of … Continue reading

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Midweek media law mop up: Julian Assange (TM); internet contempt; and libel tourism

Champing at the bit to round up this week’s British media law news, because there’s been so much of interest. Since I missed last week’s missive, I’ve added a few older ones too. First up, libel. A number of cases … Continue reading

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Libel and Contempt in an age of ‘search’

Could ‘suggested’ search terms, which have been further developed for Google’s Instant feature, count as an online publication in the eyes of the law? Continue reading

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