Media law mop up: CTB; buried apologies; and phone hacking judicial review

Has the media’s coverage of super injunctions finally peaked? Probably not… This round up would have to be done in installments to include all the coverage. Instead, this week’s summary will include some of the more thoughtful posts on the knottier issues at play here. Libel seems to be have been forgotten about in all the privacy hoo-hah, although Prescott’s successful fight for a judicial review over phone hacking did get some attention.

Super injunctions… what else?

Public v private musings

Also see Meeja Law’s updating super injunction page defining and tracking recent cases.

Private Eye’s latest issue (left) continues with the super injunction theme, but finds space for phone hacking too. Its quote of the week:

“”I never imagined I would write for the News of the World because I suppose it is like making a deal with the devil, or sleeping with the enemy. But I don’t feel compromised and it has been one of my better decisions.” – Ulrika Jonsson, columnist on the News of the World from 2003-07, speaking in 2005. She is now suing rhe paper for hacking into her mobile phone.”

Phone hacking

Sorry, did you say sorry?

Blogging lawyers

Media law tweet of the week

RT @caitlinmoran: One thing that would improve the press immensely is a PCC ruling that apologies take up equal space to the original story.

Media law quote of the week

Mr Justice Eady, giving judgment in CTB v News Group Newspapers Ltd & Anor [2011] EWHC 1326 (QB):

Mr Spearman raises the alternative argument, verging on the bathetic, that The Sun should at least be allowed to tell the Claimant’s wife what it knows, or thinks it knows. This is a difficult one to follow. NGN is a media group legitimately interested in making profits from communicating to the world at large … It surely does not aspire to the role of social worker or relationship counsellor….

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