Media law diary

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September 2013

17 September 2013, IBC Legal’s Protecting the Media 2013, London.

26-27 September 2013, Jersey Law Via the Internet 2013, Radisson Blu Hotel, Jersey.

June 2013

10 June 2013, Caught in the web: how free are we online?, Kings Place, London.

24-25 June 2013, The Constitution of the Public Sphere: the post-Leveson Landscape (W G Hart Legal Workshop 2013), Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

May 2013

16-17 May 2013, Legal frontiers in digital media: the sixth annual conference on emerging legal issues surrounding digital publishing and content distribution, Stanford University, Paul Brest Hall, Stanford, California.

23-24 May 2013,Social Media, Regulation and Freedom of Expression: A comparative perspective”. A workshop organized by HKBU and Tsinghua University, Communication & Visual Arts Building, Hong Kong Baptist University. Hong Kong.

23 May 2013, British Institute of International and Comparative Law: The Right to Privacy and the Freedom of the Press: From the European to Domestic Perspectives … and Back, London.

31 May 2013, Rethinking Media and Journalism Practice, University of Winchester.

November 2012

13 November 2012, 6.30pm, ‘Regulating for Communication’, Baroness Onora O’Neill, Goldsmiths University, London.

19 November 2011, all day, Media and War: challenging the consensus, Goldsmiths University, London.

19 November 2012, The Poetry of Free Expression: Celebrating 40 years of Index on Censorship, Index on Censorship / Poet in the City. King’s Place, London.

20 November 2012, 5-8 pm, JUSTICE event: Life and Law Online: Defamation, freedom of expression and the web. Hunton & Williams, 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8EP.

28 November 2012, 6pmCEL Annual Lecture 2012: Media Freedoms & Media Standards’, Baroness Onora O’Neill, London.

29 November 2012, IBC Legal: 6th annual Social Media and the Law, London.

October 2012

29 Oct, 7.30pm, Rich Peppiatt: One Rogue Reporter, Soho Theatre, London [More national dates to be announced in due course].

August 2012

1-27 August, 5pm, Comedy: ‘One Rogue Reporter‘, Rich Peppiatt / Something for the Weekend, Edinburgh Festival.

July 2012

June 2012

12 June 2012, all day: The ‘Right to be Forgotten’ and Beyond: Data Protection and Freedom of Expression in the Age of Web 2.0, Oxford Privacy Information Law and Society, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University.

15 June 2012, 11am-17.30pm, Terrorism & Security Research in the UK: Using and Understanding Legal Resources, organised by Law, Terrorism and the Right to Know Project at the University of Reading / Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. IALS, London.

22 June 2012, 10.30am-1pm: Changing the face of freedom, Free Word Centre, London.

28 June 2012, all day, LexisNexis Defamation & Privacy conference, London.

May 2012

26 May, 4.30pm: Index on Censorship discussion, in association with Free Word: Where do you draw the line? Brighton Festival (Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange).

30 May, 9am – 7.30pm: Conference: ‘After phone hacking, what next?’ / Charles Wheeler Award, University of Westminster, London.

April 2012

2 April 2012, 6.30pm, William Patry: “What Would an Evidence-Based Copyright Law Look Like?”, London School of Economics.

Tuesday 3 April 2012, 6 – 7pm, IBIL Seminar What would leadership in copyright policy look like? Speaker: William F Patry (Chief Copyright Counsel, Google Inc.) Chair: The Rt Hon Prof. Sir Robin Jacob. UCL, London.

25 April 2012: IBC Legal’s 19th Annual, Defamation & Privacy 2012, Crowne Plaza Hotel London – The City. [Promotion: follow link for 10 % discount].

30 April 2012, 6.30pm: Lessons for Leveson: What can we learn from press regulation elsewhere? Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Royal Society of Arts, London.

March 2012

1 March 2012, 16:30 to 18:00: Oxford, Privacy, Information, Law and Society (OxPILS) programme’s seminar series, ‘Mending the Tangled Web? Informational Privacy 3.0,’. Dr David Erdos: ‘Reconciling “Journalism” and Data Protection – the European Framework.’ Balliol’s Master`s Dining Room, Oxford.

8 March 2012, “The Consent of the Networked”, RSA

19 March 2012, 6pm: The Data Protection Act 1998 and Personal Privacy, Philip Coppel QC, Organised by the Statute Law Society with the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. IALS, London.

22 March 2012, Nominent Annual UK Internet Policy Forum, Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, London.

23 March 2012, Butterworths’ IP and Media in the Digital Age, London.

23 March 2012, 9:00-16:00, POLIS International Journalism Conference, London School of Economics.

26 March 2012, 18:30: Panel debate – The best of times or worst of times? What lessons can we learn from Leveson and the hacking scandal? City University London.

28 March 2012, “Index Freedom of Expression Awards 2012“, London.

February 2012

7 February 2012, 18:00, debate and a book launch: ‘The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism at the Crossroads?’ Coventry University London Campus, East India House, 109-117 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7JF

8 February 2012, UCL/Bindmans Annual Debate ‘Freedom of the Press versus Privacy Rights: Time for Parliament to draw the line?’

14 February 2012, 3pm, ‘Freedom of Tweet: Censorship, Governments, Marketers & The Law‘, Design Council, London.

27 February 2012, ‘Open Justice Week’, initiative asking writers, legal professionals and members of the public to collaborate using social media to share their experiences of a week in the life of the legal system.

28 February 2012, 1pm, ‘Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom‘ – Rebecca MacKinnon, at Polis, LSE, Clement House Room 302 (Third Floor), Clement House, 99 Aldwych.

29 February 2012, 9am – 2pm, Justice Wide Open, City University London.

January 2012

4 January 2012, 7pm. First Wednesday: The Leveson Inquiry – what have we learned? With Tom Latchem, Anne Diamond, Peter Wilby, George Brock and Ben Fenton. The Frontline Club. London.

9 January 2012, 10 am. Art Exhibition: Justice and Security: there is more than one truth. A series of cartoons and videos on the issues of justice and security, that have been produced in conjunction with the Video Journalism Movement in Amsterdam. Atrium Gallery, LSE, London.

17 January 2012, 6pm. Free Access to Legal Information: Roles in the expansion of liberty, the rule of law and democracy, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

25 -29 January 2012. Centre for Investigative Journalism annual film week. Series of investigative films, followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers. On Saturday 28 January, after the screening of The Whistleblower, there will be a networking party with opportunity to talk to the filmmakers and other journalists. City University London.

November 2011

24 November 2011, 18.30, “Social Movements in the Age of the Internet” Professor Manuel Castells, LSE

23 November, 18:00, Is the ‘fit and proper person’ test in broadcasting inadequate? With Steven Barnett, Perry Keller, Ashley Roughton, Ian Walden. City University London

21 November, 17:30, Reuters Memorial Lecture, Baroness Onora O’Neill: ‘The Rights of Journalism and the Needs of Audiences‘, St Anne’s College, Oxford

15 November 2011, 18:30 Media Society: The PCC is dead. Does television hold the key to better press regulation? Old Cinema, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1.

10 November 2011, 6pm, Orwell Lecture 2011: Alan Rusbridger – Hacking Away at the Truth, UCL, London

7 November 201118:30, “The Limits of Investigative Journalism” Peter Preston, LSE

2 November 2011, 18:15, UCL Jurisprudence Review Panel, “The Normative Value of Free Speech and Privacy”, UCL

October 2011

12 October 2011, 18:30, Baronness Buscombe: Changing times and changing media regulation, City University London.

11 October 2011, 17:30,  Football, Broadcasting and the Internal Market: Is a common audio-visual space in sight?, City University London.

11 October 2011, 18:30, Heather Brooke: Civic Journalism – What it is and why it matters, City University London.

6 October 2011: IBC Legal’s 5th social media conference, navigating the legal challenges of exploiting social media and user-generated content. Speakers include: Luc Delany, European Policy Director, Facebook; Gillian Phillips, Director of Editorial Legal Service, Guardian News & Media; Jaron Lewis, Partner & Head of Media, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP. Follow this link for a ten percent discount.

6 October 2011, 18:30, London: James Cameron Memorial Lecture 2011. Wadah Khanfar: “Journalism and a World in Transition”, City University London.

July 2011

15-17 July, Centre for Investigative Journalism summer school

12 July, 6pm, House of Commons, Media Society libel reform debate with Simon Singh; Mark Stephens;Professor Eric Barendt; Alastair Brett (Chair: John Whittingdale M.P)

6 July, 7pm, Royal Statistical Society, Media Standards Trust, Churnalism debate with Chris Atkins; James Randerson; Trevor Morris (Chair: Fiona Fox)

June 2011

28 June, 6.30-8pm, LSE, Index on Censorship debate on privacy, free speech and a feral press with Max Mosley, David Price, Hugh Tomlinson and Suzanne Moore (Chair: Jo Glanville)

10 June, 9am-4pm, Power and Media – POLIS Journalism Conference 2011, London School of Economics

May 2011

24 May, 6pm, David Willetts MP on science writing and public engagement, City University London

22 May, Brighton Festival, Writing Freedom, with PEN, Jericho House Theatre Company, Bidisha, Deborah Moggach and Jake Arnott

21 May, Brighton Festival, Article 19, with Julian Assange (live or on-screen), Mark Stephens, Sue Stapely and Dr Martin Moore

19 May, Law blogs event, 6pm, The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London

12 May, Westminster Legal Policy Forum, ‘Libel Law – next steps for reform’, Central London

10 May, Brighton Festival, Talking to Terrorists, Peter Taylor in conversation with David Aaronovitch

10 May, Alan Rusbridger on Libel: the long, slow road to reform, City University London

4 May, Seminar: “This house believes that the English libel laws are unfit for purpose in the Twenty-First Century.” 6-8pm, Queen Mary, University of London, 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3JB

April 2011

14 April, Face the Future book launch: ‘Is digital the only way?’, Frontline Club, London

March 2011

31 March, Privacy, Defamation and Media’,  LexisNexis Conference, London

22 March, Social Media, online privacy and ‘the right to be forgotten’, Westminster Media Forum, London

15 March, The 18th annual Defamation & Privacy Conference 2011, Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London

15 March, 18:00 to 19:30, British Institute of International & Comparative Law,  Courts and Democracy,Hogan Lovells International, Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FG

14 March: WikiLeaks and WikiWashers’, Grays Inn and Hardwicke, London

9 March, 6.30pm, POLIS lecture, Public Service Broadcasting and Public Value: the remaining challenges for the BBC, LSE, London

3 March, Media Standards Trust/BBC College of Journalism Data & News sourcing workshops, Royal Statistical Society, London

3 March, Is Ice Cream Strawberry? Journalism’s invisible history – and conflicted future, City University London, Northampton Square, London

1 March, The EU and Human rights. Where are we going?, City Law School lecture, City University London, Northampton Square, London

February 2011

17 February, Covering the crisis: the challenge of financial journalism in an age of austerity, City University London, Northampton Square, London

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