Mop ups

Morning all. I’ve decided to run the Media Law Mop Up mid-week rather than Mondays (most likely on Wednesdays or Thursday afternoons). In the meantime, here’s a phone hacking themed thought from the Guardian’s letter page this morning:

“Although it’s very important to expose miscreants on the phone hacking-front (…), are you (and others) not missing the point? Given phone hacking is so widespread, is it not the mobile-phone operators who should be taken to task for allowing personal data to be so easily accessed?” Randy Banks, University of Essex.

This does seem rather a neglected angle (despite the acres of coverage dedicated to the scandal in the Guardian). It’s not just celebrity reporters who might be motivated to access personal voicemail; what additional precautions are mobile phone companies taking to protect voicemail services, now weaknesses in the system have been exposed? Znet has a piece on phone hacking here, but it doesn’t address the issue of voicemail.

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