Sense About Science releases legal leaflet for bloggers

Last week Sense About Science, one of the three main organisations involved in the campaign for libel reform, released a six page guide for bloggers: “So you’ve had a threatening letter. What can you do?” It is published in association with Index on Censorship, English PEN, the Media Legal Defence Initiative, the Association of British Science Writers and the World Federation of Science Journalists.

It followed Sense About Science’s survey into online writers and the impact of libel law. I also did some research into blogging and the law over the summer – the results of which you can read here.

It should be noted that the organisation says that the new leaflet is certainly not a “substitute for legal advice, but it does provide information which other bloggers and writers who have been through the experience say they wished they had known at the outset”.

I have uploaded the leaflet onto Scribd, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK England and Wales licence.

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