Coming soon: People Power – A user’s guide to democracy

peoplepowerAn “accessible guide to democracy in Britain” will be published by Bantam Press (Transworld) next month, covering topics including national and local government,  free speech, the internet and the rule of law.

The author of People Power, Dan Jellinek, is a journalist and co-founder of Headstar, a publisher specialising in technology and social issues (I met Dan when we briefly shared the same office space in Brighton and spoke to him about various media law related issues when he was writing the book).

Here’s the information, from the publisher’s site:

As protestors around the world risk their lives in pursuit of democracy, in the UK the word has never seemed so tarnished. Surveys regularly show our politicians are not liked, not trusted and not wanted. Voter turnout is shockingly low, and episodes such as the MPs’ expenses scandal serve to confirm the opinion that public officials are all as bad as each other.

So what is the answer?

Giving us unprecedented access to the corridors of power, Dan Jellinek provides a unique and accessible guide to democracy in Britain, explaining how its elements work – from national and local government to free speech, the internet and the rule of law – and the role that we, the public, need to play to keep the wheels turning.

If you want to know how your small actions can bring about big changes, how you can improve your lot and the lives of others, then you must read this book. Stand up and be counted. The power is in your hands.

It’s available to pre-order for 4 July here (ebook and hardback); details on the publisher’s site here.

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