Tweets from #mediaact, Bristol, 27-8 July 2012

  1. MediaWiseMJ
    Good to meet & listen to bloggers at #mediaact wknd. Will Europe ever get a media accountability platform? What a cliffhanger!
  2. puzzlesthewill
    Many thanks to all at #mediaact – honoured to meet some brilliant people & make new friends – hope we stay in touch.
  3. mjrobbins
    #mediaact becoming quite frustrating… Lots of ‘oh isn’t the media bad’ but no structured chat/agenda or progress toward any tangible goal.
  4. christinazaba
    @guy_herbert @JTownend @seandodson interesting discussion ensuing from tyrant comment! Transparency not absolute? contingent? #mediaact
  5. christinazaba
    Honest, factual, accurate, fair journalism AND blogging required. Are these “global values” for journalism? #mediaact
  6. schaffertom
    There might be no “europ. media”, but we’re facing similar problems. Networking helps solving, effects will trickle down to users #mediaact
  7. schaffertom
    Debate about common European platform for media accountability: language, time and usefulnesscontinue to be the central problems #mediaact
  8. christinazaba
    The language of the Internet important. Why always in English? Interesting non-English stories missed. Note Global Voices project #mediaact
  9. seandodson
    NUJ planning a blogging kitemark to prove that blogs are accurate, honest, fair factual #mediaact
  10. schaffertom
    Fears of some writers pop up, that @corrigo_org might end up being some kind of shitstorm-platform for obsessed campaign-groups #mediaact
  11. stebax
    Interesting presentation about ‘Corrigo’ browser plugin to add a layer of discussion/correction to articles #mediaact
  12. MediaWiseMJ
    Crowdsourced media accountability systems offer new approach to watching the watchdog say the Corrigo twins #mediaact
  13. schaffertom
    The idea of the factchecking 2.0 plugin @corrigo_org is presented by @daskerst and @don_journallie #mediaact
  14. JTownend
    Corrigo is a browser add-on based on web annotation tech – helps you “see errors and corrections “in context” #mediaact
  15. MediaWiseMJ
    @JTownend Kitemark fine but mediation requires significant investment, @bloggerheads agrees #mediaact
  16. KristineLowe
    Enjoying listening to & contemplating the discussions about media blogging, ethics, regulations and NUJ at #MediaAct conference in Bristol
  17. corrigo_org
    Question: Why should a code of conduct be linked to a (paid) membership – of any association? #mediaact ^Kersten
  18. schaffertom
    National Union of Journalists is giving members widgets/kitemarks for websites, enabling people to contact an ethics committee #mediaact
  19. MediaWiseMJ
    #mediaact Embedded NUJ kitemark says Honest Accurate Fair Factual and links to NUJ Code of Condust & allows for complaints to ethics council
  20. MediaWiseMJ
    #NUJ solution is a kitemark, an idea mooted at 2010 #mediaact bloggers weekend and now sanctioned by the union for members to embed online
  21. JTownend
    Gary Herman of NUJ NMIC on thinking about re-inventing past mechanisms of accountability #mediaact
  22. stebax
    Taking part in a day of blogging discussions with media writers and journos from across Europe at #mediaact in Bristol.
  23. MediaWiseMJ
    #mediaact Gary Herman of NUJ claims probs faced by bloggers same as those faced by letraset community news pioneers of 1960s & 70s
  24. MediaWiseMJ
    #mediaact Herman ~ we are all storytellers facing similar dilemmas & need ethical stance to engender trust in output
  25. MediaWiseMJ
    Bloggers from #France, #Germany, #Norway, #Poland, #Spain & #UK among countries coming to #MediaAct bloggers event in #Bristol this weekend
  26. MediaWiseMJ
    #MediaAct & #NUJ International #Bloggers weekend in #Bristol 19:00-20:30 Friday 27 and 10:00-17:00 Sat 28 at Watershed.
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