Media law mop up: Andy Hayman – 'Good god! Absolutely not. I can't believe you suggested that'

Another week consumed by phone hacking speculation and news. It’s very odd to see the story dominate the television and print headlines, when so many key developments were ignored by the majority of media outlets during 2009/10.

Policeman turned columnist Andy Hayman complained about his treatment by MPs this week, but you can watch the former Assistant Commissioner of the Met give evidence here to judge for yourselves. One part that stands out is Hayman’s response to Conservative MP Lorraine Fulbrook’s query over whether he had ever received payment from the media. “Good God,” he exclaims.  “Absolutely not. I can’t believe you suggested that”. Simon Hoggart provides an artful sketch here.

Meanwhile, the blogger Guido Fawkes has raised questions about US TV host Piers Morgan’s connection to the scandal, with national newspapers following suit. People searching for stories about this have discovered Meeja Law’s post from April this year, which reported Morgan’s comments on the BBC Radio 4 Media Show – you can read it again here or re-listen here (around 25 mins in).

Hayman’s evidence to MPs:

Phone hacking news

Phone hacking – public inquiry

Phone hacking – the BSkyB deal

Phone hacking – media regulation

Phone hacking – legal issues

And some hacking satire…

Assange appeal


Privacy injunctions

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