New ‘Hacked Off’ campaign to call for public phone hacking inquiry

A new campaign led by the Media Standards Trust will call for a public inquiry into phone hacking, Brian Cathcart has revealed. In an article for Index on Censorship, he reports:

For the past few weeks I have been working with others, notably the Media Standards Trust, to set up a public campaign, called Hacked Off, to demand an inquiry.

The campaign will launch on Wednesday [July 6] and in the meantime they have published this holding page:

We will have a manifesto, a petition, dozens of distinguished supporters and soon a programme of public events, but what we will need most of all is your support. Please go to the site on Wednesday or soon afterwards.

The announcement follows the Guardian’s report that the missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s voicemail messages were intercepted by News of the World. Cathcart, a professor of journalism at Kingston University, says:

The vested interests here are tremendously powerful and winning this inquiry, even after these latest allegations, is not like to be easy.

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One Response to New ‘Hacked Off’ campaign to call for public phone hacking inquiry

  1. John webb says:

    Dear sirs, At yesterdays select commitee hearing Sue Akers said she would like to hear from anyone who thinks their phones have been hacked. I believe my landlines were hacked and that this was done by a security Company, when I tried to get legal involvement I came up against a stone wall, the Company in question has a cosey reletionship with the police.
    I would like to be interviewed by Sue Akers team to give them my version of events, but cannot find an email address for her,
    can you help. I notice in all the alegations about hacking there has been no mention of how phisically this takes place. I think it happens in many other ereas especially in business.
    your J.Webb

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