Monday media law mop up: Coulson's exit; why celebs sue; and the Palestine Papers

The week in media law & ethics…

It was a news week that included Alan Johnson’s resignation as shadow chancellor (and PC Rice’s suspension), developments in the Yeates murder case and Tony Blair’s appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry, but Coulson’s resignation as Downing Street director of communications still dominated the media headlines.

More on Twitter and the law

Anyone spotted anything about live blogging in court, which could also be done from a mobile phone?

Public interest discussion

“Hiring a lawyer and trying to sue someone (anyone) for something (anything!) is like a rite of passage for a young celebrity on the up. It’s what you do once you’ve got a few quid in the bank and have started to take yourself a bit seriously.”


The big leak of the week hasn’t come via Wikileaks. The Guardian and the Al Jazeera English pages on the ‘Palestine Papers’ can be found here:

Articles here and here discuss protection of AJE’s source.



  •>>Already-published information ensures anonymity for privacy case subject, rules court:
  • Inforrm>>Super-injunctions: an update – Keith Mathieson


“Because it’s tattooed into me, I know pursuing my career will be the right path, and I’ll always have this outline as a reminder.”




  • Monday 31 January: Freedom of Information in the WikiLeaks Era, with Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Commentator (chair) and David Banisar, Article 19; Andrew Murray, LSE; Mark Stephens, FSI Law and James Leaton Gray, BBC Information Policy and Compliance. British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP

Tools & tips

I discovered this week, which allows you to build and customise a profile homepage very simply and effectively. Find mine here:
(H-T: Adam Westbrook)

Know about a media law/ethics event? Let me know and I’ll put it in the round up and on a soon-to-be-written events page. You can find a full stream of aggregated media law news via @medialawUK on Twitter; and Meeja Law tweets go out via @meejalaw. Contact me via @jtownend or

PS. I’m thinking of switching this round-up up to a mid week one, since Inforrm does a very comprehensive Monday one. Thoughts?

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